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Tag Heuer Watch Repair and Service

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Let Me Expertly Repair Your Tag Heuer Watch.
Vintage Heuer Watches to the Finest Tag Heuer Watches of Today.

Why should you send your Tag Heuer watch to us?
If you have ever dealt with LVMH (owners of Tag Heuer) you have no doubt been treated unprofessionally.
What I mean is they have an attitude that they are doing you a favor by even talking with you. They charge a huge fee just to accept your watch in for repair and they have one size fits all services. What are these one size fits all services?
If you send your watch in for a new crown they will most likely tell you they won't do that repair unless the whole watch is 'serviced'. This service consists of new dial, hands and movement, refinish the case and band and new gaskets. Generally this will cost several hundred dollars and on some models it can be more than $1000.
Now if you are wanting to buy a new watch wouldn't you just go down to the local store or buy it online? Shouldn't you be allowed to choose how much you want to spend since the money we are talking about is yours? You should be given a choice of having only the repairs you ask for done or having other optional service done.
We feel since the watch belongs to you and you know how much you can afford or are willing to spend on your watch that you should be given options. If you need a new crown and it has been several years since your watch was last serviced then you will be given the price to repair the crown and the option to have the watch serviced. Both prices will be presented separately.
If the crown needs replacement but it has also leaked and moisture has gotten into the movement there could be water damage that should be taken care of when the crown is replaced and we will note that in your estimate. But if you decline the repair of the water damage to the movement we would of course only warranty the crown replacement.
There are instances when one repair requires that other components or repairs be done. For instance if the crown needs replacing, it has leaked and the stem is rusted badly, it would be impossible to remove the stem from the crown and reuse it so the stem would also need replacing.
In addition, any time a watch is opened at a very minimum the case back seal should be replaced.The reason for this is that the rubber will get stretched out of size and shape. It cannot properly seal the watch again. The rubber seals also degrade with time and exposure to chemicals and the elements. Rubber dries out, becomes hard, cracks, shrinks and so on. So an old gasket will not be as effective as a new one in sealing your watch to it's rated water resistance.
Another reason to send your watch to us is that we have been repairing Heuer and Tag Heuer watches for over a decade. We have the knowledge and experience to properly service your watch and we have access to genuine components for your watch.

Services we offer:
Tag Heuer Quartz Watch Repair: Battery Replacement services (3 levels of service):
Battery Only -
Price $14.95 + Shipping
This is for changing the battery only.
NOTE: This is not the best way to change a battery. However if you only want this servce I will perform it.
Warranty: No warranty of any kind with this service.

5 Year Battery Only -
Price $29.95 + Shipping
This is for changing the battery only.
NOTE: This is for a battery change were we warranty the battery to last for 5 years.
Warranty: If at any time during the 5 years the battery dies send the watch back and I will replace the battery for free. No other warranty with this service.

Tune-Up Service -
Starting Price $98.95 and up + Shipping
This includes the following
  • 5 Year Battery
  • Disassemble, inspect, ultrasonically clean the case and band (metal).
  • Clean the quartz movement and relubricate.
  • Replace case back gasket
  • Pressure test for water resistance to factory specs.
These services seperately would cost over $250
NOTE: This is the best way to change a battery. Additional components needed that are not listed above cost extra.
Warranty: If at any time during the 5 years the battery dies send the watch back and I will replace the battery for free. The timekeeping of the watch is warrantied for 2 years and water resistance is warrantied for 30 day with this service.

Tag Heuer Mechanical Watch Repair
Mechanical watches have a lot of pressure that is applied by the mainspring to the tiny surfaces of the moving components. If you don't have your watch cleaned and oiled regularly dirt gets inside and mixes with the oil and acts like sandpaper. The oil also dries out and stops lubricating properly.
It is recommended that a mechanical watch be cleaned and oiled every 2-7 years depending on how well it is sealed. It's like the old Fram oil filter commercials - "You can pay me a little $, now. Or a lot $$$, later".
If your mechanical watch runs erratically or stops and starts after it is fully wound or doesn't keep good time it most likely needs to be cleaned and oiled.
Water and watches don't mix. Even the smallest amount of water inside a watch can cause major damage. If you see any sign of moisture or water inside the watch send it in immediately. Don't think it will just dry out and be fine. It will take a very long time to dry out and while it is drying out it will be causing rust and damage to the watch.
If your watch got wet or you see any sign of moisture or water inside the watch, send it in immediately. If your watch has gotten wet, even water resistant watches, and stops running, the problem more than likely is rust. It is very difficult to estimate rust damage and will be worked on at an hourly rate. The final cost depends on how bad the rust damage is. In some cases it may be less expensive to replace the movement.
I don't do swish and lube jobs. If you take your watch to a jewelry store chances are it is sent to a trade shop that does this type of job.
What I offer:
Each watch is disassembled and then ultrasonicaly cleaned, re-assembled, oiled and the movement is timed using a digital electronic timing machine. Then the watch is observed for 1-3 days to make sure it is operating properly. Prices quoted are labor only. Components, shipping and insurance are extra.
Tag Heuer Mechanical Watch Overhaul Prices (Labor only, Components Are Extra):
Standard Grade Mechanical Watch Overhaul Includes: Dis-assemble, Clean Movement, Inspect, Replace mainspring and bad/worn components, Clean Case and Band, New case back gaskets, New Spring Bars (if applicable), Re-assemble, Lubricate to manufacturer specs., Timing Adjustment and Water Resistance Testing (if applicable).
Pricing starts at $345. Components are extra.
This is only a starting price to give you an idea of the cost. An Estimate will be provided once the watch is inspected.
Your mechanical watch will be cleaned in a specially made watch ultrasonic cleaner except for the balance wheel, hairspring and pallet fork which need special care and cleaning. Hairsprings are cleaned using a special hairspring cleaner. Any oily residue left on a hairspring if cleaned in the ultrasonic will make the watch impossible to time. If the balance wheel is run through an ultrasonic cleaner too many times or for too long it will become lighter and that will make it impossible to time the watch. If material is removed from the balance wheel by an ultrasonic cleaner the only correct cure is to replace the wheel.
This happens at 'watch breaker' shops where they do swish and lube cleanings because they do not disassemble the movement.
Timing of your watch is done with a digital timing machine made by Witschi. Automatic watches are then placed on watch winders and kept running for 2-3 days and timing is checked to make sure the watch continues to perform as required.
NO corners will be cut. I will do NO rush jobs. Quality Canonot be Rushed.
My reputation is on the work I do. I will do the job right or I won't do it at all.
NO estimates of any kind will be given unless I have the oportunity to examine the watch.
NO exceptions.

Warranty: Tag Heuer Mechanical watches are warranted from the date the repair was completed for 24 months.
  • This mechanical warranty covers only the labor and components I installed.
  • Water resistance is warrantied for 30 days.
  • Damage from abuse or water damage is not covered
  • Watch bands, crowns and stems are not covered
  • Balance staffs can break if you drop your watch and are not covered even if I furnished it.
  • Crystals are not covered.
  • Repairs done by someone else are not covered
  • If any repair work is performed by someone else after we have serviced your watch, our warranty is void.
  • The sole remedy for warranty issues is to return the watch to us so we can correct the problem. No refunds are possible.
NOTE: I do my best to ensure your watch will run properly and keep time. Sometimes it may not be possible to get a watch to keep time properly. This is true of old watches that have been neglected and those which have been damaged by someone that does not know what they are doing (watch breakers).
I'm telling you this up front rather than give you a false impression of the outcome.
Written Warranty will be provided with your invoice. Any restrictions or modifications to our standard written warranty will be stated on your invoice.
Tag Heuer Watch Repair Estimates Are FREE!

Other services available for your Tag Heuer Watch:

Crystal Replacement
Including genuine Tag Heuer crystals and after market plastic, rock glass, mineral glass and sapphire, custom cut crystals, anti-reflective coated watch crystals.
If your wrist watch has a flat or domed round "mineral glass" crystal currently, a sapphire crystal may be available that will fit your watch and a sapphire crystal will give you a virtually scratch resistant crystal. If your Tag Heuer watch has a plastic crystal in it now it cannot be replaced with a sapphire crystal.

Crown, Stem, Pushers and Case Tube Replacement
Genuine Waterproof, Screwdown, Divers and Colored Stone Crowns. When these components are worn, stop sealing or if you want a different style, we can replace them for you. Genuine stems and case tubes replaced. Pushers rebuilt or replaced.

Dial Refinishing
If the paint is coming off your dial or the luminosity is no longer working or if you just want a different color(s) on the dial then refinishing the dial will make it look just like new and give your watch that look you desire. Repainting the luminous will make it easy to read the time at night or in dark places. I offer many different colors of luminous and can mix different shades to suit your desire.

Hand Replacement
Maybe the hands on your watch are bent, maybe the luminosity is no longer working on your watch hands, maybe the hands are damaged by moisture or maybe you just want a different style or color so you can see them better. We can replace the hands or repaint the hands and repaint the luminous so they glow again.

Retrofitting is when a quartz movement is used to replace a mechanical movement in the watch. This requires a good deal of research to find a quartz movement that will work correctly in the case and with the dial and hands. Due to the wide range of costs for movements pricing is only quoted after we determine which movement will work best in your watch case.

Custom Component Making and Replacement
Such as balance staffs, stems, wheels, and more are made for your watch when the genuine original and after market components are no longer available.

Watches that have extensive problems or damage can be restored to like new condition.
Restorations are by estimate only. Watches must be sent in for us to give any estimates. NO estimates of any kind will be given without the watch in our shop. Please be considerate of this and do not ask.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our site please contact us.

Yellowstone Watch Repair is a full service watch repair center. Most times even the things others won't do, can't do or claim can't be done, we can do for you.
Just because it isn't listed here does not mean we don't do it.

NO corners will be cut. We will NOT do rush jobs.
Quality cannot be rushed. A fast job normally is a low quality job. Your watch deserves better. There are some repairs that do not take a lot of time but even when we replace a battery we take our time to make sure the whole watch is in good condition.
You deserve the very best for your money.

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Our Customers are saying:
Just a quick note to inform you that I received my Tag Heuer in the mail and it is working great. I appreciate all the hard work that you put into making it new again. If I should ever need service again in the future for my watches, I will definetly return as you have given me the best service imagineable.
Chris P.
I received the Tag watch, and I am quite pleased with the repairs. Thanks for a job well done!
Thanks, Ken, for a fine watch repair. I value services like yours very highly; services that are rich in personal attention, practical experience and dedication to getting things done right.
Steven K.